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I want to live where soul meets body

smile and drop the cliché

all I see is black and white

This is the fanfic journal for euphonious_glow. Use the handy-dandy tag system to find what you're looking for. Comments and criticism are appreciated.

I'm an aspiring writer who dreams of publishing her stories one day. I'm incredibly curious, so I enjoy learning and thinking about new things. I am fascinated by people, so most of my fics deal with understanding characters and the relationships they have with others. Writing is truly a passion of mine, something I enjoy and something that comes naturally to me. Music is a great inspiration and my second passion. My goal in posting my work for other people to read is to truly develop as a writer and exchange ideas and feedback with others. I think any plot is possible if it is written well, and I enjoy placing characters together who may not even meet in canon.

Hopefully my stories will inspire you, cause you to think about something in a new way, or even to smile. That, I think, is the greatest compliment any writer can receive.